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Shrewsbury Kids Martial Arts Classes

Challenge Your Little One With Imperial Little Rangers Training

Beginning August 15th, Imperial Martial Arts is proud to offer age-specific programming for our youngest athletes, ages 4 and 5! Our Imperial Little Ranger class will offer your little one all the benefits of our Kids Martial Arts Classes with an added emphasis on the important developmental skills that are unique to children in this age group. 

Imperial Little Ranger Classes will teach your child the basics of Tae Kwon Do at a slower pace than our regular Kids Martial Arts program, and when students show they have progressed in the program, they will graduate on to our mainstream classes! 

Kids Martial Arts Shrewsbury

Little Ranger Kids Martial Arts Classes Instill Important Lifeskills In Your Child

When it comes to important social, emotional, and intellectual skills, the earlier kids learn them the better. With Imperial Little Ranger Classes, our youngest students like the importance of 

  • Organizational skills
  • How to function in a group atmosphere
  • How to follow directions and pay attention 
  • And key self-defense awareness tools versus physical techniques 

Help Your Child Grow In A Fun Environment With Little Ranger Kids Martial Arts 

Our skilled Martial Arts instructors work hard to ensure that each and every Little Ranger Class is both fun and enjoyable for all our students. But we also emphasize important tools taught in the Martial Arts that will set a foundation for your child.

Your child will develop: 

  • Better motor skills
  • Self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Personal Responsibility
  • A commitment to finishing things they start
  • Self-reliance 
  • A better attention span

Sign Up Today For The Imperial Little Ranger Program 

Imperial Little Ranger Kids Martial Arts Classes will be held twice a week at Imperial Martial Arts in Shrewsbury:

  • Tuesday at 5:15 pm


  • Wednesday at 4:45 pm

We are now accepting enrollments for our 4-week trial program, which includes a FREE uniform! To get started or to request more information, simply fill out the form on your screen and a member of our staff will take it from there!

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